ELIVE™ – Endogenous Laser Induced Ventricular Enhancement.

ELIVE Medical is developing an innovative CO2 hollow fiber waveguide with high flexibility, suitable for incorporation into catheters. This technology, for the first time, enables a CO2 laser to be used in a trans-catheter setting.

ELIVE™ therapy targets an unmet clinical need and, once fully developed and tested, is expected to create a valid therapeutic option to those heart failure patients who would not otherwise have a therapeutic alternative.

COMPANYThe founders of ELIVE Medical include Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Michael Klein, M.D., a renowned, widely published German cardiac surgeon who has performed thousands of surgical procedures and who has traveled and lectured extensively on five continents. Dr. Klein is an acknowledged leader in the international cardiac surgery community based on his 30+ years of clinical research and surgical experience.

The second founder is Dr. Michael Heke, Ph.D., who has specialized in stem cell research since 2001. His initial interest was to identify the molecular basis of human embryonic stem cells, and to elucidate the genetic route taken as they develop into an organism. Later, he shifted his attention towards clinical stem cell applications in order to tap the potential of stem cell research for translational medicine. Jointly with Prof. Klein he established a paradigm-shifting, laser-induced, stem cell therapy for patients suffering from heart failure.

The third founder was Vince Puglisi, an executive with over 25 years experience in the successful sale and marketing of cardiac related medical devices. As part of his wide ranging international business development experience, Vince worked closely with Professor Klein and many other cardiac surgeons and cardiologists as well as with a wide network of cardiac care distributors. Vince sadly passed away in 2015, but the company still benefits from his groundwork and international distributor network.


Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) is the leading cause of early death in the western world and in the specific case of the United States is responsible for in excess of 600,000 deaths annually.

ELIVE Medical Ltd. is an innovative medical device company specializing in advanced technologies for the cardiac care market.

Our mission is to significantly improve the quality of life for millions of people around the world diagnosed with heart failure - a population growing up to 5% annually.


ELIVE™ Therapy Innovation.

The ELIVE™ laser therapy is a minimally invasive trans-catheter procedure on the beating heart that can be applied in cath labs and the new Hybrid Operating Rooms being installed at a rapid pace worldwide.

Our breakthrough technology enables interventional cardiologists to deliver the ELIVE™ therapy in selected patients with heart failure, to stimulate endogenous regeneration in areas of ischemic / hybernating myocardium.


ELIVE™ Hollow Fibre.

The ELIVE™ procedure includes a disposable insertion catheter/waveguide for trans-femoral access. Distal end of ELIVE™ hollow fibre with supporting ferrule and end window.